How to Apply for a Canadian Visa from Nigeria

Nigerians like travelling to Canada because of its numerous economic opportunities in various industries such as businesses, tourism, healthcare, the educational system, information and communication technology (ICT), and other fields relating to science and engineering.

Canada is a North American country comprising ten provinces and three territories, which spread from the Atlantic to the north and the Pacific into the Arctic Ocean. 

Canada is the second-largest country after Russia. It is one of the most desirable travel destinations in the world due to its attractive geographical mass and almost 75,000 tourists who visit yearly.

One of the requirements for anyone coming to Canada is to have a Canadian visa. It serves as an official mark or stamp on people’s passports that permit them to visit or exit a country for specific reasons. 

When there is a friendly relationship between the two countries, hence, the trade volume also develops, which gives Nigerians more reasons to visit Canada. 

How to apply for a Canadian visa from Nigeria, the requirement, and all you need to know will be discussed in this article. Read on!

Types of Canada Visa 

It is advisable to choose the type of visa that fits your travel needs before starting the application in Nigeria. 

You should also confirm your eligibility before proceeding. 

You can find the necessary documents for the application, how long it takes to get a visa, and the costs.

The categories of Canada visas are Visitor (temporary resident visa), work visa and student visa.

A visitor visa is recommended if you travel to Canada for business, to visit family or friends, to attend a conference or trade fair, to go across the country, to work or to study.

The Canadian Visitor Visa is known as the Temporary Resident Visa because it is for short-term travel (TRV).

There are two types of visitor visas: multiple entry and single entry. 

You can stay in Canada for up to six months, and it can be valid for ten years.

A multiple-entry Canada visitor visa is suitable for your passport’s validity. 

For instance, a multi-entry Canada visa will be valid for ten years if your new access lasts ten years. 

After receiving this visa, you can stay in Canada for six consecutive months. You can leave and return after another six months due to the multiple entry visa.

You can only visit Canada once with a single-entry visa, valid for six months from the day you arrive. 

The visa processing period can be up to 30 days based on application type, the volume and if it is complete. 

You can pick up your passport and visa from the visa application center where you submitted your application or send them by courier.

Required Documents to Apply for Canada Visa in Nigeria

You must provide the following document to apply for a Canada visa in Nigeria:

● The original copy of the passport’s first page.

● Previous tickets copy, exit stamps copy and entry copy.

● ID card.

● Any education and employment certificate.

● Bank statement.

● List of property in your name, if there’s any.

● Proof of Marital status (If married, you must provide a copy of your marriage certificate, birth certificate if you have underage children, and marriage dissolution copy if you are divorced).

● Health status

● White background image (5 x 4.5 size).

● Trip ticket bookings.

● Hotel reservations.

● Application forms.

● Your document must contain the visa payment.

● The official invitation letter.

How to Apply for a Canadian Visa from Nigeria

Check if you are qualified to travel.

It is one of the essential phases of your Canadian visa application. 

If you start the application process only to discover that you are not qualified to travel, it would be a complete waste of time and money.

You can apply for a Canadian visa in two ways: online or in-person.

How to apply in person:

1. Start the Application Process

Once you select the particular type of  Canada visa that best conforms to your needs, first, obtain the visa application form from the VFS Global website

Make sure the form is filled correctly and print out. Use a laser printer and white, bond-grade, non-glossy paper to print the filled-out form and the barcoded pieces.

Along with the completed application form, you must include all original copies of the papers listed on the IRCC document checklist as necessary for your visa category. 

Fill out the waiver form on the VFS Global website, sign it, and print it out if you cannot supply all the required documentation. You can include other documents.

You must read the privacy policy on the website to be familiar with their terms, finalize the consent form, and attach it to the application form.

2. Book an Appointment 

You need to book an appointment to have your fingerprints and photo (also known as biometric information) taken at the Visa application facility when submitting the required documents.

The visa application center may not request your biometric data.

You can verify this by visiting the Canadian government website. If getting your biometric data taken is not required, you can submit your application during the visa application center’s open hours.

3. Visa Application Fee 

There is a charge related to the visa application. You can make payments on the  Canadian government’s website.

You have to complete the form, download, print, and bring with you to the visa application center. 

According to the guidelines on the IRCC website, you must also pay the Canada Government charge and the biometric fee (if applicable).

4. Go to the Visa Applications Center (VAC)

Ensure you arrive at the visa application center before your appointment to submit the application form and another document. 

Your biometric data will be taken, and you can pay the application fee if you haven’t. After making a payment, you’ll get a unique tracking number that enables you to track the progress of your application.

5. Monitor your Application

You will receive an email notification of your visa application. 

You can get the information by SMS on your phone if you cannot access the email or want complete tracking information. 

Ways to obtain tracking updates are using the VFS Global website, Webchat, helpline number (2348150199900), or visiting the visa application center.

6. Collect your Passport 

You can pick up your documents from the Visa Application Center or pay extra fees to have your documents delivered by courier. 

You must present the following to pick up the envelope at the Visa Application Center:

● A copy of the passport page with the biographic stamp.

● The visa application center valid receipt.

● An official document identity.

Suppose you assign someone to pick it up from the Visa Application Center. The following will be required:

● The consent form issued by the Visa Application Center services bears the identity and relationship of the delegate to the applicant.

● A stamped copy of the applicant’s passport’s biographical page.

● A valid service receipt from the visa application centre.

● The delegate’s identification.

How to apply online:

It would be best if you visited to submit an online application and register for a portal account on the website. 

Log into your account, choose the visa you are applying for, and respond to the relevant questions. 

After that, open the page containing a list of necessary documents and application forms. Next, upload the documents in the manner specified by the application.

The application will be approved once the required documents are uploaded, and the page will direct you to where to make payment.

All notifications regarding the following actions will be delivered to your account. You should print it once received and visit a visa application center with your passport and fingerprint.

The application process will commence once your fingerprints are taken. 

If the response is “no,” a notification will be posted with reasons for the denial. 

If the answer is positive, the visa label must be attached to the passport using the original document.

A passport will be delivered to the visa application centre, which will be sent to the Canadian embassy to attach the visa label.

Cost of Canada Visa from Nigeria

Here is a list of the different visa categories and their prices.

Work Permit 

● Work authorizations (including extensions) for a travelling party of three or more: 465 $CAN.

● For someone with a general work permit (not for a particular job).

● Retaining worker status costs 355 $CAN, which includes the charge for maintaining worker status (200 $CAN) and the cost of a new work permit (155 $CAN).

Student Visa

● Study permission for one participant costs 150 $CAN.

● Retaining student status costs 350 $CAN, which includes a $200 fee for doing so and a $150 fee for a new work permit.

Visitor Visa

● 85$CAN for one person, 170$CAN for a family, and 255 $CAN for a group of people.


You must have been aware of How to apply for a Canadian visa from Nigeria with the options listed above. 

It will be best to give genuine reasons for visiting Canada during your interview at the Canada Visa Application Center. And also clarified to the interviewer that you plan to return to Nigeria.

Foreign countries no longer have to cope with Nigerians entering their country and then vanishing after the expiration of their visas, which makes the process of issuing foreign permits more challenging over time.

Nigerians travelling to Canada often pass through other countries such as Ghana, Cameroon, Egypt, South Africa, and others. Because of the strictness that the Canada visa application centre places on schooling, holidays, shopping, and other reasons.

It is unnecessary to go to the embassy because VFS Global regulates everything about Canadian visas.

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