South Korea enters the moon race with the Danuri robotic probe


South Korea enters the moon race with the Danuri robotic probe

Image: Korea Aerospace Research Institute / Afsha

This week, a SpaceX rocket will launch the Danori probe — the first robotic lunar exploration mission constructed by South Korea.

The mission goals to picture and carry out topological measurements of the Moon to establish potential touchdown websites for future robotic and manned missions. This mission is the results of a cooperation settlement that South Korea has concluded with the United States and is a part of the Artemis program.

NASA even supported Danori’s growth by offering a sophisticated orbital reconnaissance digicam that can assist seek for icy deposits in the lunar shadow areas. The digicam additionally produces high-resolution photographs and measures the terrain inside the craters, together with the distribution of rocks and slabs.

The mission, initially named the Korea Lunar Orbiter (KPLO), was renamed “Danuri” in May, a mix of two Korean phrases that means “moon” and “enjoyment.”

Danvari mission

Quoted from the web site SpaceIn addition to NASA’s digicam, the 678-kilogram spacecraft carries 5 different devices — together with sensors, cameras, magnetometers and spectrometers — developed by Korean universities and analysis organizations. In addition to water ice, South Korea plans to review different lunar sources akin to silicon, aluminum, helium-3 and uranium.


“We wish to develop essential know-how for area exploration in addition to scientific analysis,” Danuri mission scientist Eunhyeuk Kim informed the journal. Science.

South Korea has invested $200 million in a robotic probe. The rocket will journey aboard the Falcon 9 rocket and attain the moon in mid-December. The probe shall be in an orbit 100 km above the moon’s floor for not less than a yr.

Originally scheduled for subsequent Tuesday (2), Danori’s liftoff has been postponed to August 4 at 20:08 (Brazil time). Quoted from the web site Korea TimesSpaceX justified the delay by saying that in a pre-flight inspection it discovered that the rocket wanted extra upkeep work.

Takeoff will be adopted stay on the SpaceX YouTube channel (hyperlink right here).

Competition of the month

With this South Korean launch, the variety of nations that plan to ship missions to the moon in the coming months will improve to 6. They embrace: the United States, India, Russia, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, along with South Korea.

The checklist is made by NASA’s Artemis 1, an indication flight of the SLS rocket and Orion capsule at the finish of August, which is anticipated to orbit the moon and return to Earth.

In August, India plans to launch the Chandrayaan-3 mission, the nation’s second try and ship a rover to the lunar floor. In October, it is Luna-25’s flip, Russia’s first journey to the moon since 1976.

There can be a Smart Lander for Lunar Exploration (SLIM) from Japan, which is scheduled to launch by December 2022 and can make a precision touchdown on the moon.

And it ends with the Rashid rover from the United Arab Emirates, which ought to attain the floor of the moon with a touchdown module developed by the personal firm iSpace. If profitable, it may very well be the first business mission to land on the moon, as famous by Nature.

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