14 Easy Ways to Migrate to Canada

If you resolved that migrating to Canada is a pain, you need information. Canada is home to Students, entrepreneurs, skilled, and unskilled workers, and families who wished to base out for greener pastures.

Let me save you the twist, of statistics this and statistics that. Here, you’ll know the 14 easy ways to migrate to Canada. Be cool, it’s all legal and straight up.

14 easy ways to Migrate to Canada

You are eligible to migrate to Canada by:

● Express Entry

● Family Sponsorship

● Provincial nominees

● Quebec Selected Skilled Workers

● Atlantic Immigration Program

● Care Givers

● Startup Visa

● Self-employed

● Rural and Northern Immigration

● Agri-food Pilot

● Economic Mobility Pathway Pilot

● Refugees and Asylum

● Temporary Resident to Permanent Resident Pathway

● Permanent residence pathways for Hong Kong residents

#1. Express Entry

Express entry is the first and the quickest among the 14 easy ways to migrate to Canada. The Express Entry System is an online portal that is used to speed up immigration applications and processes into Canada. it’s not a visa per se, but a medium to apply for visas.

Types of Expenses entry

● Canadian Experience Class: For skilled workers that have at least 3 years of Canadian work experience.

● Federal Skilled Worker Program: For skilled workers who haven’t trained abroad and don’t have Canadian work experience. You must meet the Canadian standard to apply.

● Federal Skilled Trades Program: For skilled workers who have the needed trade in Canada. You must have a job offer from an authorized employer in Canada before applying.

Document Required

● Language test results;

● Education assessments;

● Job offers;

● Police certificates;

● Medical exams;

● Proof of funds.

#2. Family Sponsorship

This program enables you to send a relative to Canada for school business and visit. You can send a loved one to Canada if you meet the criteria:

● At least 18 years of age

● Canadian citizen or an Indian in Canada under the Canadian Indian Account.

● A permanent resident of Canada.

See the Canadian portal for more details and guidelines.

#3. Provincial nominees

You can migrate to Canada when a Province nominates you for skills or scholarship programs or business Ideas. Each province in Canada has Unique requirements for nomination.

There are two sides to the Application of the provincial nomination program, they’re:

● Provincial nominee via Express Entry

● Provincial nominee via non Express entry

You have to meet the requirements and provide the necessary documents required to be eligible to apply.

#4. Quebec Selected Skilled Workers

If you wish to migrate to Canada(Québec) permanently for work, Quebec-selected Skilled workers suit you.


You’re eligible for Quebec Selected Skilled Workers if:

● You hold the (Certificat de sélection du Québec) from the Government of Quebec

● submit a complete permanent residence application and police certificates


● You can apply online

● You can demand paper

#5. Atlantic Immigration Program

If you’re a skilled worker or graduate from any Canadian university, you can apply for permanent residence in the Atlantic area of Canada which are: New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Labrador.

You must be designated to any of the Atlantic areas in Canada to fill up the vacancy that the locality is unable to take up. More details are here.

#6. Working as a Caregiver

The most emotional method among the 14 easy ways to migrate to Canada is as a caregiver. Canada is open to you if you can care for children, the elderly, or those with medical needs. As a caregiver, you can live and work in Canada temporarily or Permanently. However, you must meet its requirements to be eligible. See them here.

#7. Startup Visa

An innovative way to migrate to Canada is by starting a business that can create opportunities or taking part in profitable entrepreneurs.


To qualify for the start-up Visa you must:

● Have innovative business

● Present a letter from a Designated organization that supports your business.

● Pass the language proficiency test

● to meet the language requirements

● Proof you have enough funds to survive in Canada.

See how to apply here

#8. Being Self-employed

Migrating to Canada as self-employed entails that you’re highly skilled in athletic activities and brilliant in religious matters. And you’ll be willing to participate and contribute positively to Canadian culture.


The following are the necessities to migrate to Canada as self-employed:

● relevant experience in athletics and religion

● Agree to remain self-employed in Canada

● Satisfy the Program’s standard

● Be medically sound and security conscious

See the website for how to apply.

#9. Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

This is an immigration program that was opened by the Northern communities of Canada to support the locality in 2019. It’s for skilled International workers who wished to permanently base in any of the 11 participant communities

Eligibility for this program depends on where and when you applied for the Pilot.

More details here

#10. Agri-food Pilot

You can make your dreams come to pass as a farmer in any of the Canadian Agri-food Industries and Businesses. This sector seeks to improve the agri-food sector in Canada. Therefore, it’s in high demand for people that are knowledgeable in agriculture.

You’ll be granted permanent residence, you’ll also be employed as regular work in some occupations and industries. However, the Agri-food Pilot program will end in May 2023.


The eligibility is parted into three:

● Industries and

● occupations

● Application Eligibility

Eligible Industries:

● Meat product manufacturing

● Greenhouse, nursery, and floriculture production, including mushroom production

● Animal production, excluding aquaculture

Eligible Occupations:

● Butchers – retail and wholesale

● Meat cutters and fishmongers – retail and wholesale

● Industrial butchers and meat cutters, poultry preparers, and related workers

● Agricultural service contractors and farm supervisors

● Specialized livestock workers and farm machinery operators

● Livestock laborers

● Laborers in food and beverage processing

Application Eligibility

● Experience in an eligible work experience

● Have a job offer from the Pilot

● Satisfy the Language requirement.

● Be qualified educationally.

● Show that you’re financially buoyant to stay.in Canada

● Temporary resident status if you’re already in Canada.

#11. Economic Mobility Pathway Pilot

The Economic mobility pathway pilot merges the Refugee settlement and the economic immigration program. It helps Skilled refugees to Canada with the ongoing economic program. This is targeted at fetching newfound skills to fill up the vacancies in Canada.

Before applying for the EMPP you must first apply to any of the immigration programs below:

● Atlantic Immigration Program

● Provincial Nominee Program

● Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot


● You must be a Refugee

● You must be legally allowed into Canada

● (Admissible to Canada)

How to Apply

You can apply for the EMPP either

● On your own, or

● With help from a non Government third party

#12. Refugees and Asylum

Among our 14 easy ways to migrate to Canada, the refugee program tends to be the easiest. You can migrate to Canada by applying to be a Refugee, by sponsoring a refugee, or by supporting a refugee program in Canada. 

This program is parted into two:

● The Refugee and Humanitarian Resettlement Program: For individuals who seek protection from outside Canada.

● The asylum is for Individuals claiming to be refugees within Canada.

Due to the complexity of the matter, refer to the website for competent knowledge.

#13. Temporary Resident to Permanent Resident Pathway

Planning on migrating to Canada With your family for work purposes? Or do you wish that your family comes along with you so that you can file for permanent residence in Canada? If yes then Temporary Resident to Permanent Resident to Permanent Resident Pathway.


● you may eligible if you have essential working experience in Canada occupation of the health sector, OR

● you recently graduated from any Canadian post-secondary institution

Another eligibility status depends on whether you have a history in Canada and what type of history.

I would have liked to dig deeper here. But as you know; the Temporary Resident to Permanent Resident Pathway program ends 5th November 2021.

#14. Permanent residence pathways for Hong Kong residents

This program is Isolated in Hong Kong, it’s an easy entrance to Permanent residence for skilled workers and eligible families.

You can apply for this program if you’re from Hong Kong and you’re an in-Canada graduate or you have the working experience needed in Canada. These streams of entry are known as Class And Class B respectively.

Required Documents

Make ready the following documents:

● Sit and pass the language proficiency test

● State the province in Canada that you wish to live in, other than Quebec.

● Your high school grades 

● Canadian work experience (stream B only)

This program is ongoing till 31st August 2026.

The registration is online-based, kindly visit the Permanent residence pathways for Hong Kong residents guidelines for more details.

Jobs Opportunities in Canada

Because of the 14 easy ways to migrate to Canada, you may wonder if there are enough job opportunities to cover all these channels of entry into Canada. Well, here is the inexhaustible job summary for Canada:

● Web Developer

● Graphic Designer

● Sales Manager

● Electrical Engineer

● Vet, etc.

#1. Web Developer

A web developer designs and creates applications or websites to solve daily tasks across all economic sectors. Estimated Annual Salary: $79,627.

#1.Graphic Designer

They’re creatives with the ability to craft unique Visual concepts for valuable communication. In Canada, Graphic designers are in high demand in all Provinces. Estimated Annual Salary: $80,000

#3. Sales Manager

A sales manager is in charge of all sales departments in an organization. With a working strategy for high ROI. Estimated Annual Salary: &50,000 – $90,000

#4. Electrical Engineer

An electrical engineer creates an electrical system that fits the organization’s goals. It’s a skill of optimum carefulness. Estimated Annual Salary: $91,832

#5. Vet

A vet or veterinarian is a doctor to let animals. With a legal permit to practice in all provinces in Canada. Estimated Annual Salary: $95,804

Other skills are:

● Pharmacist

● Licensed Practical Nurse

● Welder

● Truck Drivers

● General Laborers, etc.

People Also Asked

#1. What documents do I need to enter Canada?

Among the numerous documents that you must present for validation, the most important is a valid National ID card. Or any acceptable proof of citizenship from your Country. Some other documents you must make available includes:

● Language test results;

● Education assessments;

● Job offers;

● Police certificates;

● Medical exams;

● Proof of funds.

#2. Does Canada require a Covid 19 result to enter?

Yes, the Canadian government requires that you Quarantine yourself on reaching the borders of Canada or show proof that you have been fully vaccinated or are from one of the Quarantine exempted nations.

#3. What are the Skills that are High in demand in Canada?

Canada is in high demand for Skilled, semiskilled, business idea Individuals whose expertise can add positively to Citizen Canada. Some of these skills are not limited to:

● Biomedical Engineers

● Architect

● Web developer

● Teachers

● Nurses

● Drivers

● Midwives

● Fruit pickers and more

#4. Does Canada have any traveling restrictions for immigrants?

Yes, the Canadian government have put the following restriction in place for all air and land immigrants to Canada from China and Hong Kong, or Macao above 2 years:

● Must prove negative for the Covid 19 virus

● The must be taken two days before departure

● If immigrants from these countries are tested positive 10 days before their departure but not up to 90 days before, the person is free to travel but with the proof of Covid 19 negative results.

Closing Up

Canada has become iconic to immigrants all over the world. Going to Canada means that you’re ready for a better life as a student seeking to base out in Canada for scholarships, there are tons of Scholarship opportunities available. skilled workers are constantly on the ride per day as the demand rises so the skills to meet such demands. 

This Clarion for professionals and skills to come to Canada is seen by making available at least 14 easy ways to migrate to Canada. However, this page is just a summary not the whole, for extensive and more detailed information, kindly visit the authority sites. Stay informed, and avoid scams. Do your research.

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