Can You Get Affordable Temporal Housing in Canada as an Immigrant, Aside from Airbnb?

It is possible to get affordable housing in Canada as an immigrant. However, it’s important to note that coming over to Canada to begin a new life might be laced with navigating through complex stages. You also need to consider various factors before getting the best place and welcoming environment to stay. Since people find it difficult to get affordable temporal housing in Canada especially if they are immigrants who want to choose a suitable option aside from Airbnb, this content is here to simplify their search. If you are also reading this for a guide, we suggest you stay focused as we unveil some of the best ways to experience affordability by getting a temporal housing in Canada as an immigrant. 

Are there Factors to Consider to Get Temporal Housing in Canada as an Immigrant, Aside Airbnb?

Considering certain factors is very important since we’ve stated previously that it gets challenging when it comes to finding a preferred temporal housing as an immigrant in Canada. This might be due to the unfamiliar environment as well as limited resources. You can find a good platform just like Airbnb which is overrated. Nevertheless, let’s pay attention to these crucial factors when making such an important decision. 


Before planning to immigrate to Canada, your budgeting and finances should be a major factor to consider. Note that the cost of living in your country is very different from where you’re heading. If you want to find affordable temporal housing in Canada, take your time to do deep research on average rental prices in the city where you intend to stay in. Afterward, you should set a realistic budget based on certain expenses and unforeseen circumstances. Don’t also forget to consider deposit requirements because most landlords over there don’t joke with security deposits. 

Length of Stay 

Since you’re going to Canada as a permanent resident (immigrant), you don’t need to contemplate for a short term or long term, because the aim is to find somewhere to call a new home. However, if reverse is the case, determine your expected duration to keep track with your length of stay. Always remember that the rates between short-term and long-term rentals differ. So it’s advisable look for a suitable option with flexible lease terms. 

Proximity to Necessities and Safety 

While considering affordable temporal housing, every immigrant in Canada should look out for the proximity to necessities.  Locations closer to public transportation, grocery stores, and amenities are ideal. No one would want to stay in a remote area or reside in the countryside. Safety should be prioritized in every situation. You also need to determine whether the neighborhood has a good reputation and a low crime rate. 

Utilities and Landlord References

Most utilities and electricity, water, and Internet are not included in rent costs. You will have to settle them from your personal expenses. However, make inquiries from the landlord if you can make payment jointly or separately. Don’t also forget to factor these costs into your budget to avoid miscalculations. Since you will be coming in as a new tenant, you need to understand the rental policies set by the landlord to avoid potential issues. This is very important because it’s closely associated with the landlord’s overall living experience and responsiveness. 

Where is the Affordable Temporal Housing in Canada for Immigrants? 

Now let’s cut to the chase; we are going to outline the best companies that offer affordable temporal housing in Canada for all levels of immigrants. Check out our detailed list below to find the one that aligns with your choice and preferences. 

1. Homestay Canada

Whether you are coming alone or with your family and loved ones, you should opt for Homestay. This is because they will help you in connecting with friendly families across the country. Envisage yourself using a new approach whereby you will be given temporary accommodation and also the opportunity to immerse and integrate yourself with that Canadian culture where you can learn the native language. Other added benefits to choosing this company enables you to gain insights into customs and traditions. This company operates nationwide especially if you’re very selective of the province you’re willing to settle in. As a result, you have your first shot at getting affordable temporal housing in Canada as an immigrant. 

2. Places for People 

Do you consider Toronto a great place to immigrate? If yes, well this company is widely known by newcomers and has affordable temporal housing options in Canada which draws immigrants with low budgets closer. It offers bachelor apartments, one-bedroom apartments, and two-bedroom units. While dealing with Places for People, note that your safety is guaranteed in addition to maintaining subsidized rates. Based on its positive reviews, nevery immigrant will consider them as a valuable resource. Every unit is well maintained so you don’t need to bother about repairs and minor changes when you’re ready to move in for the first time. 

3. YMCA Newcomer Housing

YMCA Housing works as a non-profit organization that caters to the needs of immigrants needing housing in Canada. In addition to being well established, there is the availability of various settlement services across provinces in Canada. As a result, immigrants won’t need to be concerned about the level of comfort because the accommodation appears to be well furnished. An added benefit to this includes language training, employment assistance as well as cultural orientation programs to enable immigrants to integrate into Canadian society. It is also important to note that eligibility criteria may apply during the process of getting accommodations.

4. Sienna Senior Living

Sienna Senior Living primarily focuses on finding the most affordable temporal housing in Canada for Immigrants who appear to secure accommodation. They are based in certain locations across the country and they also see to it that no immigrant finds it hard to get a place where they can call home for the moment. In addition to getting the best accommodation for their clients, they also have well-maintained and secured facilities to make all occupants feel comfortable and convenient. However, its housings are suited for individuals, and couples but not families with young children. 

5. Furnished Quarters

Have you heard of Furnished Quarters? They provide accommodation services similar to Homestay since both companies operate nationwide. Think of anywhere you can get affordable and furnished rentals across Canada. Furnished Quarters provides all that you need in good temporal housing. They also include apartments, suites, and houses. Some newcomers won’t consider this as a suitable option, but it enables them to find accommodation quickly upon arrival owing to its flexible lease terms and diverse loans. 

6. Newcomer Centers 

Canada is home to various newcomer centers. Their essence is to support immigrants and others regarding their settlement processes. These centers are a valuable resource because they provide essential information on various housing options across Canada. They also connect those in need of accommodation through government programs, non-profit organizations, or private landlords for offering affordable temporal housing solutions that will suit immigrant preferences, as well as their needs and budget in Canada. 

7. Airbnb

Airbnb specializes in providing affordable short-term rentals to immigrants. Their services also span across various cities in Canada. It’s also an online platform that enables individuals to list their properties for short-term stays with a flexible listing. As a result, this provides access to several options based on different locations as well as processing points. Ensure that you conduct your research on listings carefully, and understand how the cancellation policies work to determine if your rental meets all your specific needs and expectations. Before going for this option, there is no guaranteed long-term housing availability. 

How to Find Affordable Temporal Housing in Canada As an Immigrant 

● Research Early

You have to take your need for affordable temporal housing seriously in Canada by researching early. This is found to be a very strategic move because you will be exposed to various options and less likelihood of housing options with higher price tags. You can even go to the extent of contacting your potential housing providers before arriving in Canada. 

● Maintain Flexibility

The key to getting affordable temporal housing in Canada as an immigrant is to remain flexible in all your dealings. You have to appear open when exploring different housing options. Remember to place a strong emphasis on your personal preferences in the process because it can increase your chances of finding affordable housing within your budget. 

● Put Your Needs First

Do you have some essential requirements when looking for affordable temporal housing? Ensure that you prioritize them. Whether they are furnished units or functional laundry facilities, you need to notify your landlord or agent to ensure that all are put in place for your comfort and convenience. Importantly, you should also consider proximity to public transportation especially if you are employed. Putting your needs first will narrow down your search and enable you to make informed decisions. 

● Utilize online resources

The Internet provides tons of solutions to issues. So it’s left for you to use it as a resource to access platforms and online government websites to source for a good company that offers affordable temporal housing for immigrants in Canada. These websites are considered valuable leads because they can help and connect you with relevant organizations. 

● Be Patient and Persistent 

Before you begin your search, it is important to find the right deal, even if it takes most of your time. You have to exercise patience when it comes to exploring various options. Also, reach out to multiple resources for assistance when you have the chance. Strengthen your focus and have it in mind that you are aiming to secure suitable housing. When you are dedicated to it, you will be able to plan carefully to find a comfortable place in Canada where you can call home. 

● Leverage Government Support Programs

There are some policies that the Canadian government put in place that favor all immigrants. Parts of them are through some established programs that offer immigrants with flexible and affordable housing costs. Thus, you must pay attention to any ongoing program to apply. But before you do, ensure to check if it’s authentic. You can find realistic programs like the Rental Assistance Benefit or the Newcomer Benefit to determine your eligibility for any financial aid or housing assistance. 


To sum up, the list of organizations which was listed above covers all that you can find in looking for an affordable temporal housing market in Canada as an immigrant. Whether Airbnb is underrated or not, these housing options can give you the value of your money plus added comfort in such a new environment where you can easily integrate with society.


Do immigrants get a house in Canada?

Yes, they do. Whether you’re a permanent resident or not, you can hold a property subject to some conditions that must be met. For example, you have a work permit. Note that you can also become a homeowner but it won’t make you a permanent resident nor would it change the terms of your visa. 

How much is single room rent in Canada per month for students?

The cost for a single room in Canada per month for an international student ranges from CAD 650 – CAD 800. Average accommodation rent goes for $150 per month. Note that the amount can differ based on your lifestyle and personal preference. 

How do immigrants find housing in Canada?

One of the easiest ways to find housing in Canada as an immigrant is through newcomer services, and the Great White North does it best among other countries. They see to it that immigrants are assisted in finding housing, and jobs, improving their language skills, enrolling children in school, and much more.

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